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Central Asia and Iran which stored big food stocks due to American war. The domestic transportation system in Pakistan mainly comprises of the road, rail and air. He worked with U.

High imports and low exports. Thus energy crisis contributes towards unemployment. For instance to stop the invasion of the Russians from the West, the British built the Khojak tunnel, the fourth largest at that time, in seemingly inaccessible areas of Balochistan to reach Chaman railway station.

It is used for washing our clothes and bathing our body. Currently, around forty percent of our population is living beyond poverty line and this ratio is increasing day by day. This will ensure transparency, rig our and relevance.

It enters Pakistan at Sialkot near DiawaraVillage. Encourage investment by China in Pakistan through development of infrastructure and appropriate incentives to tap South Asian markets.

Thus energy crisis contributes towards unemployment. A number of services of Pakistan Railways have been cancelled, suspended or terminated and many more will be suspended in near future because of mismanagement and shortage of locomotives, fuel and money.

It is stated that 32 of these have already been scraped. According to Sheikh Rashid, the former railway minister, crankshafts of locomotives worth Rs10 million were damaged because of the use of substandard lubrication oil.

Energy is pivotal for running all other resources and crisis of energy directly influences all other sectors of the economy. The economy suffers from heavy trade deficits, rising inflation rates and a fall in the value of Rupees which fell from USD to USD in By closure of industrial units and less agricultural productivity, new employment opportunities ceased to exist and already employed manpower is shredded by the employers to increase their profit ratios.

When garbage decomposes, methane is produced and captured in pipes and later burned to produce electricity. After Pakistan's situation does not seem to improve.

River Jhelum has become a major spot for the attraction of tourist for the last many years. These business units are Infrastructure Business Unit, Passenger Business unit, Freight Business unit and Manufacturing and Services unit, each of these units have a general manager and they look after concrete sleeper factories and carriage factories.

Weak governance has contributed to growing militancy in Pakistan, economic troubles, and regional instability.

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Imbalanced energy energy mix Energy mix in Pakistan is quite imbalance in comparison to other countries, with greater reliance on non-renewable resources of gas Since Pakistan is outside the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, it is excluded from trade in nuclear plant or materials, which hinders its development of civil nuclear energy.

According to him delay in funds to Railways is the root cause of the crisis. In this essay on the water crisis, we will discuss the importance of water in our daily life and how people are misusing it in our country.

Pakistan railways came into existence with a different name on 13th Maywhen two stations Kotri and Karachi were connected through rail, and were km apart.

Highest Sugarcane production However, you should look at Essay on Load Shedding with outline as well. Essay on Water Crisis | Water shortage in Pakistan Essay with Outline for Matric, Intermediate, 2nd Year, FA, FSC, BA and BSC Here is an essay on Water shortage in Pakistan with Outline for the students of Class 10, Class 12 and graduation.

INTRODUCTION PAKISTAN RAILWAYS Pakistan Railways is the state-owned railway company of Pakistan. It is a large organization under the administration of the Pakistani Government's Ministry of Railways.

Recently a Pakistan railway is in crisis. This persistent failure owes to absence of a clear direction for the organization, a pessimistic organizational ethos resulting from years of decline and political interference in decision making to.

Problems and their solution Water Crisis Shortage in Pakistan with outline Essay in English.

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its causes on earth impact and then its effects reasons global world. Below is an essay on "Railway Problem Of Pakistan" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Energy Crisis In Pakistan - Essay 2 Energy Crisis and Pakistan 23 October An energy crisis is any great shortfall (or price rise) in the supply of energy resources to an economy.

It usually refers to Words; 8 Pages; Disaster Management In Pakistan Viz a Viz International Practices DISASTER MGMT IN PAKISTAN Introduction 1.

Essay on railway crisis in pakistan
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Wajahat Khan: Essay : Energy Crisis in Pakistan