Argument of death penalty

Because such studies are inconclusive, we must choose the option that may save innocent lives.

Pro Death Penalty Arguments

Throughout the world, we are able to see that, in those countries where there is no death penalty, murders and other violent crimes happen at a much lower rate than in the United States.

But many right wing politicians do what they can to prevent the introduction of the LWOP in different states, probably because if would deprive them of one of their favourite tools in their campaigns.


While most in the U. Furthermore, general or systemic deterrence is not necessarily measured by low or reduced homicide rates, but by rates that are lower than they otherwise would be if the death penalty was not present.

The test for deterrence is not whether executions produce lower murder rates, but that executions produce fewer murders than if the death penalty did not exist. One thing is that American politicians - in spite of all international laws and treaties and critics from the U.

Top Deterrence Capital punishment is often justified with the argument that by executing convicted murderers, we will deter would-be murderers from killing people. If the politicians should prefer to deal with the causes instead of the symptoms they could consider if there is a connexion between the high crime rates in the USA and the dramatic lack of sufficient health care, social security, after school programs, support for single parents, cultural offers for the indigent, psychiatric help etc.

Arguments in favour of capital punishment

It gives prosecutors another bargaining chip in the plea bargain process, which is essential in cutting costs in an overcrowded court system. It sends the wrong message: The political elite in Europe often condemn the US as human rights violators since we still use the death penalty on murderers, which they insist is a violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

But to argue like that demonstrates a complete misunderstanding of what that Old Testament phrase actually means. First, we can misjudge their character and keep them incarcerated too long, when they could have become constructive free persons, repaying even more their debt to society and to their victim s.

But, in reality, the only individuals who can attest to their effectiveness are those being executed. Indeed, there is actually a positive incentive to murder if a criminal has committed a LWOP offense and had not yet been captured.

Germany, along with France, has long led the anti-death penalty charge in Europe. Death Penalty opponents claim that there is a "brutalization effect" with executions, meaning, that executions show a low regard for human life and do, thereby, cause an increase in the murder rate.

We as a society have to move away from the "eye for an eye" revenge mentality if civilization is to advance. The study concluded that 23 innocent persons had been executed since Yes, but, make no mistake, murder victims and capital murder victims are two very distinct groups.

You have to catch them before they hit that point and try to resurrect their lives. And, there is, in fact, no proof that those 11 executed were innocent. Murderers have so violated the human rights of their victims and of society that it should be a moral imperative that they never again have that opportunity.

Two things have once again brought this issue to national debate.

Death penalty

Only if you wish to increase the number of black murderers executed. We can also clearly see that, in the United States, many people still commit these horrendous crimes, knowing full well that capital punishment exists.

Fear of the death penalty may cause a few to hesitate, but certainly not enough to keep it in force, and the truth is that there is no way of ever knowing whether or not the death penalty deters.

"It is widely recognized that capital punishment in the United States of America continues to be imbued with the legacy of slavery" and, to end it, American death-penalty abolitionists "should draw on the radicalism of [anti-slavery] abolitionists." So argues British death-penalty scholar and.

However, the death penalty has a way of shifting sympathy away from the victims and to the criminals themselves. An excellent example is the execution a few years. There are many arguments in favor of the death penalty. Two theorists in particular stood out to me while addressing pro capital punishment arguments.

The Death Penalty, Argumentative Essay Sample

Ernest van den Haag’s chapter, “Justice, Deterrence and the Death Penalty” and Louis P. Pojman.

5 Arguments For And Against The Death Penalty

Pro Death Penalty Arguments If you are finding it difficult to decide whether you should support the practice of death penalty or oppose it, you should go through this compilation of pro death penalty arguments often put forth by those who feel that it's a necessity for a crime-free society.

Convicted murderer Jodi Arias Jodi Arias/MySpace In just a few weeks, a jury could decide whether Jodi Arias will get the death penalty for the brutal murder of her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander. The American Civil Liberties Union believes the death penalty inherently violates the constitutional ban against cruel and unusual punishment and the guarantees of due process of law and of equal protection under the law.

Furthermore, we believe that the state should not give itself the right to kill human beings – especially when it kills with premeditation and ceremony, in the name of the.

Argument of death penalty
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An Impassioned Debate: An Overview of the Death Penalty in America | Pew Research Center